About the APEX Academy Program

The APEX Academy program is a three-year program designed to help our student-athletes succeed academically and professionally. The selected student-athletes attend camps and workshops throughout the year and participate in a mentorship program to help them set and achieve their personal goals. Each participant is given the tools and resources to help them get into college and secure positive careers after graduation. 


Our program, today, is focused on serving 4 schools in Lansing, Michigan: Lansing EasternLansing EverettLansing SextonWaverly High School. Applications are accepted from eligible student-athletes and a total of 25 are selected to form a new cohort each year. Each cohort participates in our program for three years.  

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for selection, applicants MUST meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Must attend Lansing Eastern, Lansing Everett, Lansing Sexton, or Waverly High School

  • Must be entering their sophomore year of high school

  • Must participate in football

Selection Criteria

To qualify for selection, applicants should also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Come from a single-parent household

  • Lack the necessary financial resources to attend college

  • Aspirations to become a first-generation college attendee

  • Committed to understanding who you are beyond the gridiron


You can only apply one time - make it count. Be sure that everything on your application is accurate and double-check your answers before submitting the application. 



In July each year, newly selected student-athletes begin a three-year journey of setting and achieving their personal goals.

What’s Included

  • Camps - A weeklong camp at Michigan State University every Summer

  • APEX Sundays - A single day each month dedicated to personal and professional development

  • Mentors - A positive role model from the community that provides personal, academic, and career guidance

  • Access - Exclusive access to APEX Academy partnerships with colleges, local businesses, and financial aid resources to help student-athletes get into college or secure a career


APEX Sundays

  • Held the second Sunday of every month throughout the year

  • Attendance is a requirement of the program

  • Personal, academic, and/or career-focused workshops

  • Community service activities

  • One-on-one relationship building with mentors and student-athletes


Yearly Focus

  • Year 1 - Building a personal and professional foundation

  • Year 2 - College awareness/exposure and career emersion

  • Year 3 - Leadership development and securing admissions and financial aid to best fit schools


Student-Athlete Commitment

  • You will carry yourself with honor and dignity at ALL times

  • You will be respectful to EVERYONE you interact with at ALL times no matter the circumstance

  • You will take pride in your academic achievement and ALWAYS give 100% effort in school

  • You will abide by all school rules and NEVER engage in any unlawful or prohibited activity

  • You will have PERFECT attendance at APEX Sundays and any other APEX Academy related activities

  • You will be open, honest, and willing to share at ALL times with our APEX staff



  • Access to lifelong personal and career mentors

  • Camaraderie and bond with other student-athletes in the program

  • Customized SAT and college prep

  • Personal and professional development

  • Financial aid and career connections

Apply Now

You can only apply one time - make it count. Be sure that everything on your application is accurate and double-check your answers before submitting the application.