APEX Academy Elevate Mini-Camps are designed to work with under-resourced student-athletes that demonstrate a strong desire to achieve more in life, in the classroom, and on the football field. The camps are held at sports complexes and universities throughout the country, with a specific focus on under-resourced cities and schools. Each camp offers a unique combination of personal development, leadership development, college prep, and football skills from a wide variety of educators, coaches, college athletes, and professional athletes.


Fees & Eligibility

There is NO CHARGE for the event and each student-athlete may bring a single parent or guardian with them. However, only specific schools and student-athletes are eligible. For each camp, three to five schools are selected and prospective invitees must be nominated by their High School Coach, Principal, Guidance Counselor, or Athletic Director.

Specifically, we are seeking participants who are looking to ELEVATE their game both ON and OFF the field and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • High school football players that attend an under-resourced school
  • Individuals with an under-resourced home environment or circumstance
  • Individuals with aspirations to become a first-generation college attendee
  • Individuals that lack the necessary financial resources to attend college

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