The APEX Academic Philosophy

Athletes aren’t motivated simply by immediate results, but rather, by how those results contribute to a larger vision of success. Our academic approach focuses on that vision.

The APEX education team focuses on the importance of higher GPA and SAT scores and provides our student-athletes with the tools & resources necessary to excel. It is our goal as educators to help each student reach their full academic potential. 

The importance of a solid educational foundation simply cannot be overstated.  

What It Means to Our Students



Define The "Why"
Students are more willing to put in the time and effort academically if they understand the value of their results and see it as part of a larger vision.

Improve Fluency
Starting with a practice SAT and continuing with a customized curriculum, our students are consistently exposed to a variety of materials, effectively minimizing any academic intimidation.

Build Routine
Through weekly reading and an assortment of practice problems each month, our students are regularly practicing the mental movements necessary to perform efficiently and quickly in the classroom and on the SAT.

Positive Reinforcement
Focusing on a student's strengths is just as important as identifying their weaknesses, and improves their overall confidence.